Crew Leadership 

Jackson Smith


Kira Neff

Vice -President of Admin

Nick Baker

Vice- President of Program

Keller Bradley


Bella Trapp


Stetson McDonald


Lilah Homuth


Darcey Smith

Troop Guide

Structure of Leadership Roles

There is a member who is elected and designated as the president of the crew, having been elected to the position; they are trained in directing the crew. Additionally, member youths are elected to the positions of administrative vice-president, program vice president, communication vice-president, and treasurer. Additionally, a youth activity chair is appointed by the crew president to chair specific activities or projects. This is very important to the crew makeup as the youths learn leadership roles.


A president is the leader of the crew. They work with their cabinet and advisors to help members of the crew grow, learn, and have fun. They always put the crew's needs before their own scouting needs. 

Vice President of Admin

The VP-Admin takes charge of the Crew when the Crew President is not present. The VP-Admin also is usually in charge of membership and recruiting. He or she tracks advancement. 

Vice President of Program

The VP-Program oversees the execution of Crew activities. He or she recruits and supports other Crew members who plan and carry out each activity.  The VP-Program regularly surveys the Crew members to learn their interests.  He or she keeps a calendar with activity dates 


The Crew Secretary keeps track of attendance and records meeting minutes. He or she is responsible for Crew communications in the form of newsletters, emails, phone trees, etc.


The Crew Treasurer maintains the Crew's financial records. In some situations, he or she might be responsible for maintaining the Crew checking account and writing checks.  The Crew Treasurer collects dues and keeps track of Crew member accounts. He or she works with other Crew members to organize fundraisers. 


The Crew Quartermaster is responsible for ensuring that the Crew has the materials and supplies for their activities. The Quartermaster keeps an inventory of supplies and records of who supplies have been loaned to. The Quartermaster also keeps the equipment in good working order and helps obtain new equipment as needed. Quartermaster is also responsible for the Crew's flag route.  

Crew Guide

The Crew Guide is an experienced Venturer who helps new members learn about the Venturing program and become active members of the Crew.